First let us see the difference between the two.

The word self care comes from love, while selfish comes from fear. For self-care you do what is necessary out of love and when you are selfish ,you do more than necessary out of fear.

Taking care of yourself should be a habit and a priority.

So to began with if i ask you when was the last time when you were stressed and many of us will laugh. We experience our heart racing, our palms getting sweaty so much so that we take it as something normal. We often experience these body sensations so often, we don’t even know the difference now. 

According to WHO ,self care is” what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, and to prevent and deal with illness”.

In my view self-care need not be an elaborate one, it could be as little as breathing deeply for 10 mins. Unfortunately the billion dollar self care industry does not want us to think that taking a minute from your thick schedule and breathing can be a self care treat. There is a myth that is fed by Instagram posts and countless advertisements, that self care is a manicure or  pedicure, a week long yoga retreat or a day at a spa. All these indulgences are great, but they are not self-care. We are left chasing these perfect self care experiences and they don’t actually restore us.

I believe that self care is deliberately taking care of your well being through restorative activities. To begin with, one of the greatest threats for our well being is physical and emotional stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of healthcare issues and we experience it every single day. We experience physical stress,

1.By what we put in our bodies

2.By what we put on our bodies

3.The thoughts that we think and the choices that we make throughout our day.

Some of the most stressful things that we can put in our bodies are sugar, alcohol, excessive caffeine and processed foods. So we can see that those are also some of the most consumed items, impacting our immune system, our energy level, our emotional well being. 

If we want a vibrant health we must do the opposite.

Few years back I was discussing with one of my friend about how burnt I felt those days. She quickly asked me what I do for self care and I didn’t have any answer because I never prioritized my health and well being by then. But very quickly I learnt that to be the best version of myself I need to take care of myself.So I made it a habit.

To start with I started focusing on my diet.I made sure that I ate a bowl of salad and fruit everyday. It made a huge difference in my energy level.

I also added three restorative activities. 


We have roughly 60,000 thoughts per day and for some of us 80% of those thoughts are negative. When we meditate and have moments of stillness and silence, it brings awareness to that internal voice and when we have that awareness then we can choose what thought we are holding onto and which one we want to let go off. We can also adjust the volume of the voices that means we bring the thought back for consideration and then let it go.

Let me tell you when i started meditation,it got over me, my back started hurting and my internal voice got so loud and it was talking about all the things I could do versus sitting down and doing nothing but I committed to five minutes a day and slowly that voice got quieter.

To meditate you must sit straight with an erect spine otherwise you will get more problems than getting benefited by it.

2. Moving your body

Humans are social animals so they need to move often.This could be walking ,running, dancing, yoga, Jumping Jack in your living room, on your floor. Our bodies are meant to move and when we move and exercise it helps us sleep better, which naturally reduces our stress and it also sends a positive feeling to the body and just 10 minutes a day makes a difference.

3.Time in nature

The last restorative activity is time in nature. According to environmental psychology, time in nature will improve your mood, reduce stress and improve cognitive function.The average person spends 93% of their life indoors. So we miss this incredible opportunity to support our well-being simply by going outside. We are animals of nature and we often live completely disconnected from our natural environment. We  go days if not weeks, without our bare hands or feet touching the ground.It has been shown that earthing reduces inflammation. Other benefits include reduced stress, improved sleep, improved circulation. So it’s no surprise that when you combine these activities and practice them daily it will support your mood, increase your energy and increase your joy. 

Imagine if you practice self care for 30 minutes a day, 10 minutes of stillness, 10 minutes of movement,10 minutes of time in nature and on top of that a diet that is rich in whole plant based food, that is over 180 hours of self care in a year.

If we say that we don’t have time then just look at your day and see how much time you spend scrolling down Instagram feeds or Netflix binge watch.

After practicing self care you can see what a difference they make on your overall well being.You will feel less tense, more replenished and full of life.

So self care is not selfish but its self preservation.

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