Knowing others is intelligence, Knowing yourself is true wisdom, Mastering others is strength, Mastering yourself is true power

                                      -Lao Tzu

98% of humans live and die without knowing the power of the person inside them just waiting for them to be large,unleashed and harnessed. With the help of coaching you can tap into your true potential  that will  not only upgrade you but will also have an impact on your family, community and the world around you. 

Today coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry and personal coaching is one of the top three ways to improve performance. 

Coaches are common people with incredible skill to help you. We all have our own challenges and areas in which we want to grow in life. Coaching gives you all the tools that can help you grow much faster and more effectively. As a coach you will find someone who can look into your life from outside, share a fresh perspective and hold accountable to the change you want to create. Coaching is about figuring out what you want, what needs to change and then creating a plan for action so you can start making progress.

 If you want to get better in life you must get involved in self development. The coaching system produces results which are measurable so it works extraordinarily. Research shows that if you want to increase productivity in your life you must work on yourself. Life coaching is not what everybody thinks. Being a life coach myself I would like to clear certain facts related to life coaching.

            Having a life coach is fancy or very expensive

The cost of a life coaching program is not more than

  1. A expensive dress which you are not going to wear more than once

  2. A trip to a nearby hill station 

  3. Hosting a child’s birthday party at a restaurant 

  4. Or even a gold ring for that matter 

Though the cost of all these is similar to that of a life coach but none of these are going to change the course of your life and your happiness the way a life coaching program will. 

When you pay you pay attention and value it

It is true for most of us, when you have money on the line you are more likely to follow through. This is why paying for a gym membership work to get you consistently workout. You pay attention because you paid .The same thing is true for coaching.

            Life coaching is a big commitment

I will not deny the fact that coaching requires commitment. Because if you are not committed to go through the practice you will never reap its benefit.

Successful coaching requires a partnership between you and your coach.There are rewards and responsibility on both sides.

Let us see what a client needs to contribute to your working relationship to maximize your success.

  1. A client must show up to sessions on time and in focus.It means that you should be committed to maximize your experience and to have integrity around the process. Being focused means not allowing distractions.

  2. Be very honest-If you are intentionally hiding a critical piece of information or not opening up completely you are sabotaging yourself and limiting yourself from getting helped.

  3. Be coachable-You must be open and vulnerable with your coach and willing to consider ideas and actions.

  4. Celebrate wins-If you celebrate and acknowledge each step forward no matter how small,the next step is easier.

  5. Be responsible for your results-Your commitment to do whatever it takes to reach your goal and stretch beyond your comfort zone will determine how successful you will be. 


To sum up, a coach encourages and helps a client to grow by analyzing their current situation,identifying limiting beliefs, other potential challenges and obstacles they are facing and devising a custom plan of action designed to help them to achieve specific outcomes in their life. 

It has been shown that to maximize human potential, training in combination with life coaching increases productivity by 88%.

So to be the best version of yourself use life coaching.


                                     Tony Robbins

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