Embrace Failure



“Successful people don’t fear failure but understand that it’s necessary to learn and grow from”

                                                                                                           Robert kiyosaki

Have you ever been so embarrassed or humiliated by some failed attempt at something that you never wanted to do it again.Everyone loves a success story, and the world is filled with them. But what about stories of failure? Can’t they be just as educational, just as inspirational equally. The society we live in views failures with such a negative perspective that suggesting it as a good thing seems strange. We curse ourselves for our failures and cry over our mistakes, but how many times do we think of failures as opportunities to learn?

Nobody is born perfect. As humans, we are destined to make mistakes – there is no big deal in it. But what matters is, winning yourself over your mistakes and learning from them. We can’t learn to walk without falling, can we? But every time we fall, we pick yourself up, dust off and give it another try – that’s what successful people do! Right!! After all,every win is often built on several losses.Life is designed for us to grow and improve. Growth is a fundamental part of us. Without growth, we couldn’t improve life on every front.

One of the biggest lessons that we can learn from life’s failures is the necessity to create and spread an exceedingly high amount of value. In fact, value lies at the heart of success and a lack of value is a fundamental pillar to failure.

Failure is such a negative word that it is hard to see it as a good thing.  When we make mistakes and don’t succeed, it is natural to feel disappointed.  However, there are many positive outcomes from failure and ways that we can use the experiences for personal growth and, ultimately, happiness.

Most successful people will tell you that they tried and failed many times before reaching their goals of success.  Most successful people will even tell you that failure was an integral and essential part of their success.  Why?  Because each time they failed, they learned something new.  Each time they failed, they used the experience to motivate them to try again in a different way. 

For you will never know what you are really capable of unless you fail. When you fail to achieve your goals, you will put in more efforts to get what you want. And this will make you observe what you can really do and how you can unleash your true potential. Your failed attempts help you pinpoint your mistakes. You just have to take the right approach to make the most of your failures, observe your mistakes, and do your best to avoid them in future. That’s what winners do!

Failures give you an opportunity to realize alternative ways to acquire your goals. We just need the right vision and positive mindset. Failures are there to tell you that you have been following the wrong path and your strategy was flawed. Learning from failures is probably the best way to broaden your perspective. We learn to view things from a positive and better perspective. Making mistakes is not bad, but repeating the same mistakes is. And if you have learned to take failures as opportunities, you will never repeat your mistakes.

It won’t be perfect but getting it out slowly will help begin the cultivation process. Start by writing your thoughts and ideas. Talk them out with friends and do one thing a day that will help your overall vision. It won’t be perfect, but if you’re persistent, the easier it will be to deal with failures along the way.

Each failure is simply feedback of how to perfect your craft. Know that nothing works unless you do and know that what you envisioned will not happen exactly how you thought it would, but that is what makes the distance between where we are and where we want to go so exciting. 

Today just let go the fear of failure, give yourself this permission and release yourself from that memory that’s holding you back.

Remember these three great things about failure.

1.Embrace your failure because it means that you are doing something important

2.Use your fear to motivate yourself

3.Keep your eye on the goal

So, embrace failure because missteps and roadblocks are inevitable, and they are ultimately an opportunity to grow and learn and go after your goal with a new perspective.Let me end with this empowering quote by Henry Ford that is truly inspiring,

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

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