I am a ICF certified (International coach federation) Transformation Coach, Certified soft skill trainer, corporate trainer and author who is dedicated to help you become the person you most want to be.

With a history of working for 7 years in big pharmaceuticals companies as a Microbiologist one thing that I know is I ALWAYS FELT THAT THERE IS MORE TO LIFE.

I wanted to contribute to the society, make difference in people life. I had always been very confident, ambitious, full of life and a go to person for all my friends who needed help. But my life changed dramatically when I became a mother. My first pregnancy had complications due to which I had to leave my job. 
After my baby was delivered my entire focus shifted from me to her. I didn’t realized that I had dragged myself into postpartum depression by then because I totally neglected myself mentally as well as physically. After I got cured from PPD, my life slowly started coming back to track.

But very soon I realised that though I have overcome PPD I’m no more the same person.

When you reach rock bottom you have no other choice but to ask yourself how you got there. To find peace I would distract myself by doing things that numbs down my confusion and pain. These tricks would keep me engaged for some time but very soon I’ll get back to the same space. It took me a lot of time to realise that voices inside me needed attention.
As I went within and really looked for what’s happening inside me, I realised that it was my belief system that brought me there. So I started to change my belief system and directed it to takes me forward instead of keeping me stuck. As I changed from my core everything around me started shifting
Today I feel most alive, I had never felt so joyful and fulfilling at the same time, in my entire life. I don’t regret my past. It helped me become what I was meant to be. The phase of darkness brought the purpose of life -HELPING PEOPLE DISCOVER THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL.


  • I have experienced what I know many people are going through and done the work to heal. I also continue to prioritise my own growth and success.
  • I see the person in front of me, and not the problem, we all have the ability to find our own answers, we don’t need to “fix” ourselves, we just need guidance and tools to empower ourselves.
  • I am not trying to sell you some “dream life” where everything is perfect if you follow my formula, I am practical in my approach that you use what works for you and your life,
  • I deeply care about humanity and the future of the world, so I want to help as many people as possible to bring their unique gifts to the world,
  • I’m just a regular person, who loves travelling, shopping, festivals, being in nature and going on adventures with my family.